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   Golf Improve Your Golf by Improving Your Golf Fitness [11/05/16 11:17AM]   
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Many average players use the PGA Tour golfers as their role models. We buy the equipment the pros recommend in commercials. We buy their instruction books and try to model our games after them. In recent years there has been an Sdk Dvd increasing emphasis on fitness by Tour golfers. They are getting in better shape, working out more, trying to build strength and conditioning through weight training or other exercise routines. The Tour even has a mobile exercise trailer that goes from event to event, so the players can keep up with their training even while competing. Many PGA tour players are now as well-conditioned as athletes in other sports, which wasn't the case 25 years ago when fitness gurus such as Gary Player were considered unusual.

Just as amateur golfers find that using the same equipment as the pros doesn't translate into playing as well as they do, it is difficult for most of us to keep up with our golfing heroes' commitment to physical fitness. But you don't need to spend 5 nights Solitaire Jewelry: Frequently Asked Questions a week in the gym to make noticeable improvements in your physical conditioning. An easy place to start: go for a walk.

We think we hit Error 1618 the ball with our arms and hands, so it might be tempting to build up the big muscles in the back Event Id 1030 and shoulders through weight training, but actually the legs supply the power to a golf swing. Just watch the fast leg and knee action of a pro golfer in the downswing. There's almost like a "snap" as they strike the ball. Going for walks on a regular basis is a great way to build up your legs. Notice we said walk, not run. You don't have to take up jogging, which can be stressful on your joints. After 6 months Celery Lowers Blood Pressure or so or regular walks, you will notice that you don't get nearly as fatigued when you hit a few buckets of balls on the practice range.

You can start with a short walk, say 20 minutes or so, and build up to longer distances. If you build up to brisk walk, you will get some cardio benefit from the exercise as well, which your doctor will appreciate. Which reminds us, before you start any exercise program, including walking, be sure to consult with your doctor.

The key is to go for a walk as often as you can. If you have a dog, you have Choose a Suit That Feels Right to You a built-in personal trainer. Your dog would be happy going Multiple Scopes of Income For Multi-level Marketing People on walks 3 times a day if he could. And he'll nag you to go. Who can resist those imploring eyes when he brings you his Cleartoolbar leash and gently nudges you towards the Berkley Gulp Seawater Bait - What Creates it So Outstanding? door?

Of course, walking was one of the original benefits of a round of golf. But the advent of golf carts eliminated that (along with valuable summer employment for young people as caddies). Going for walks will help improve your golf game. Establish a regular walking program will improve your golf fitness and you might even lose a few pounds.

Want to know more about cheap green fees, discount golf equipment, and budget Solution golf vacations? Check out Golf on a Budget, tricks and tips to save money on golf. More golf tips. Brian Hill is the author of several nonfiction books, screenplays, and the novel Over Time.




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